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Keeping travel germ-free: How to build cleaning into your routine.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought renewed focus to the ways we keep shared spaces clean, particularly for the travel industry. Research, recommendations and new protocols have changed the way hotels and airlines disinfect rooms and cabins.

Cleaning hotels and airplanes effectively can be tricky. You need the right chemical to disinfect in a way that doesn’t harm furniture or equipment. Short turnaround times don’t leave much room for cleaning, and many establishments want to disinfect quickly to let the space air out before new guests enter. Disinfecting on a tight timeline can be difficult with traditional cleaning tools.

Responding to Challenges

Hotels continue to dispose of single-use products to combat potential contamination and focus on cleaning high-touch surfaces such as TV remotes and light switches. Many hotel chains advertise that they disinfect every surface in the room between guests.

Airlines have responded with similar cleaning strategies—everything from wiping down high-frequency touch areas like tray tables and arm rests to applying plane-safe disinfectant to everything from the seats to the overhead bins. Some airlines have chosen to apply these chemicals at some points with foggers, which involves a cleaning crew dressing up in full body protection before spraying a fine mist of chemical all around the plane’s interior. Other airlines have chosen electrostatic sprayers to effectively disinfect their planes in a shorter span of time.

The Benefits of Electrostatic Sprayers

Hotels are using electrostatic sprayers to clean hotel rooms and lobbies, while airlines use them to clean cabins in between flights. Depending on the chosen chemical, team members may only need to wear an N-95 mask, and not full-body protective equipment[1]. Electrostatic sprayers solve many of the problems hotel and airline businesses face by allowing cleaning teams to work quickly without sacrificing quality of disinfection. These sprayers add a positive electrostatic charge to your chemical that attracts it to surfaces, wrapping around curves and sticking to hard-to-reach areas. Their touchless application enables users to cover surfaces with an even layer of product with less risk of cross-contamination than other methods.

Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers can be used with any water-based chemical[2], which means hotels and airlines can use the disinfectant that works best for their unique needs. The patented 3-in-1 nozzle helps cleaning teams adjust for different chemical dwell times, which ensures that disinfectants reach their full efficacy. With Victory’s electrostatic technology and superior design, travel businesses can assure their customers that they’re keeping spaces clean and safe.

[1] Be sure to check the chemical label, SDS or manufacturer’s website for exact PPE requirements.

[2] Be sure to check the chemical label, SDS or manufacturer’s website to ensure the chemical is approved to be sprayed.

To learn more about how Victory’s electrostatic sprayers can help your infection prevention efforts, read more about how they help you meet chemical dwell times, or watch our brief product demo.