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Shared Spaces

Keep shared spaces germ-free.

A clean-looking surface isn’t always free of harmful germs — and the more people pass through a space, the more germs can collect. From offices and gyms to theaters and arenas, electrostatic sprayers from Victory Innovations give you the complete surface disinfection you need to help prevent illness from spreading through your place of business.

Help protect visitors + staff.

Disinfect large areas with
speed and efficiency.

Get effective wraparound coverage
on all high-touch surfaces.

Reduce cross contamination with touchless application.

See electrostatic sprayers in action.

Alsco uses Victory Innovations Sprayers.

Learn how the Texas branch of an international linen rental service kept spaces clean – and generated extra business – during the pandemic.

Tobin Center for Performing Arts uses Victory Innovations Sprayers.

Learn how a performing arts center in San Antonio has been delighting the community while keeping staff, performers and patrons safe.

Cardio Gym comparison: Victory Innovations Sprayers vs traditional methods.

Cut down on disinfection time with Victory Innovation’s backpack and handheld electrostatic sprayers. This video shows you exactly how much time you can save using Victory Innovations products over the traditional methods.

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Quick-hit benefit: Easy to apply.

With Victory sprayers, there’s no need to deal with heavy cords and repetitive manual spraying, or struggle to access hard-to-reach spaces.

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Quick-hit benefit: Effective coverage.

When it comes to germs, every spot matters – electrostatic provides, full and complete coverage, giving everyone peace of mind.

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Redefining the science of clean: a beginner's guide.

Learn about the difference in “clean” as well as the importance of proper infection prevention protocols.

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