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Keep classrooms open.

From lockers to desks, schools are full of high-touch surfaces where contagions can thrive. That’s why having a proper disinfecting protocol in place is an important step in ensuring the health of students and staff. Make disinfecting student surfaces an easy task between classes with electrostatic sprayers from Victory Innovations.

Help protect students + staff.

Cover large classrooms and spaces with
speed and efficiency.

Reduce cross contamination with touchless application.

Get full, effective coverage on all high-touch surfaces.

See electrostatic sprayers in action.

College Station ISD uses Victory sprayers to keep spaces clean.

A Texas school district was able to welcome back student athletes during the pandemic - learn how they're using electrostatic technology to disinfect spaces and why it's so important.

Brenham school district fights infection with electrostatic.

Learn how a school district in Texas has been using electrostatic sprayers from Victory Innovations to keep spaces clean and safe for everyone.

Compare electrostatic sprayers with your current cleaning routine.

Watch a visual comparison of electrostatic sprayers and traditional trigger sprayers to see how much time you’ll save with Victory.

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The ISSA clean standard can help.

Give your school a way to measure cleanliness, protect student and staff health and improve academic performance.

Redefining the science of clean: A beginner's guide.

Learn about the difference in “clean” as well as the importance of proper infection prevention protocols.

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