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Certifications You Should Care About

Not all products are certified by default. You may have noticed certifications on everyday products before—common certification symbols include the letters “ETL” or “CE” printed on a product or its packaging.

Certifications are important for two key reasons.

First, they offer proof that a product is safe to use. Certifications show that a product has been properly designed and tested to comply with safety regulations. Certifications can also indicate the quality of a product—you can feel confident that a certified product is built with quality parts, will last a long time and will continue to be reliable throughout its lifespan. Checking for the required certifications before purchasing a product helps protect employees from using untested products with unknown risks. It can also ensure that the product won’t have unintentional consequences, such as interfering with other electrical devices that are sensitive to electrical interference or radio frequencies (such as WiFi or Bluetooth).

Second, certifications can reduce liability. Using safety-certified products is often required by law—and using uncertified products could open a company to fines and risks of legal action. Insurance companies can and have denied claims involving the use of uncertified products, which means that individuals and companies who use uncertified products are putting themselves not only at physical risk, but also financial risk.

There are important certifications to look for, depending on the kind of product and your location. If you’re interested in purchasing an electrostatic sprayer, here are three key ones to look for:


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) helps protect worker safety by recognizing certain independent laboratories (NRTLs) that can test and certify that products comply with relevant safety codes. An NRTL certification provides assurance that the product has been properly tested, is of high quality and is reliable to use. Victory Innovations® electrostatic sprayers, batteries and chargers have a cETLus certification, which is from an independent laboratory recognized by both the USA and Canada.


One of the many responsibilities of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is to check devices’ electronic emissions. Nearly every electronic device radiates unintentional emissions, which can impact the operation of sensitive equipment like MRI machines and CT scanners. Compliance with FCC standards ensures that a device emits low enough levels of electronic emissions to be used safely around sensitive equipment. Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers, batteries and chargers have an FCC certification, which means that you can use them in proximity to sensitive machinery without worry.[1]


Conformité européenne (CE) refers to the safety and testing requirements for goods sold in the European Economic Area (EEA). This certification covers 33 countries and encompasses regulations for a huge variety of specific product types. Victory Innovations sprayers, batteries and chargers are CE certified.

Looking out for key certifications can give you confidence that the products you purchase are reliable and safe for employees. Multiple certifications on a product can also indicate a company’s focus on quality and confidence in their product. Victory products have additional certifications that are recognized in countries beyond the USA, Canada, and members of the EEA. Victory sprayers, batteries and chargers are NOM certified for Mexico, and have certifications for Argentina, India, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Keeping people safe is our top priority, and ensuring our products are independently tested and approved is a key part of that. To learn more about Victory Innovations product quality, read our blog post about IP ratings.

[1] Spraying electrical devices is not recommended, for the safety of the electrical device and sprayer operator.